Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately?

Over at Ask An Organizer, Sheri Lukasiewicz recently published You Get Credit for Checking Your Credit Report. It’s an excellent post. It’s especially important to access your credit report if you are thinking about buying a home. Lukasiewicz writes, “If you’re considering buying a home, you will want to access your report prior to the qualification stage, in order to clear up any errors that may be on your report.”

Here are the main points about checking your credit report:

    ♦ Consumers are entitled to a free credit report each year through the The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
    ♦ You can receive one free credit report annually from each of the big three credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.
    ♦ Your credit report includes directions on how to dispute online any errors in your report.

Now, access to your FICO credit score is not free through AnnualCreditReport.com, but you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a copy of your credit score after you order your free credit report, according to website’s FAQ page.

If you’d like to check your credit reports because of financial challenges you are facing, Lukasiewicz outlines a plan for checking your credit reports every 4 months throughout the year. This way you can track your progress as you tackle your financial issues. She also discusses the importance of good record keeping, plus contacting both the creditors and credit reporting agencies in writing, along with the offered online process, when disputing errors. She ends her post by writing, “So access your credit report soon, and here’s hoping you find only factual & financially fit information. But if not, it’s better to be informed, so you can clear any errors as you work to get your financial life in order! Here’s to your well organized, financial fitness!!” Well said!

Photo Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono l FreeDigitalPhotos.net