The Most Expensive Seattle Homes For Sale Right Now

From waterfront mansions to postcard-view condos.

Ryan Lewis’s Magnolia home is the 12th most expensive listing in Seattle, at $7.45 million.
 Courtesy of Windermere

Seattle has a notoriously competitive real estate market, so it’s not much of a surprise that we’d have a robust list of most-expensive listings.

Still, most of Seattle’s most expensive homes seem to operate on a whole different level—one floating even further above a high-priced market driven higher by competition. There’s money, and then there’s yacht moorage money.

Past a certain threshold, the market starts to cool off. Some of these homes have been on the list for a while, like Seattle’s number one most expensive listing, the Sam Hill Mansion. That one’s been on the market for a year, but but some on this list have been for sale even longer—like a northwest contemporary on one and a half acres of West Seattle…

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