Need A Hostess Gift, Stat? Mercer Island Businesses To The Rescue!

Are you in need of a hostess gift for a holiday gathering but are short on time? Don’t sweat it, because there are several businesses located right here on Mercer Island that are poised to help you out! This week, I was able to stop New Seasons, Terra Bella, and Island Books to preview their gift selections. They all have sweet gifts available that will make your hostess smile.

New Seasons not only has a well-stocked gift section at the front of the store between the floral department (and have you seen the floral arrangements they make a New Seasons?! Lovely!) and the cash registers, but they have baubles and gift-y items sprinkled around the store.  And don’t miss their fabulous wine section!

Terra Bella is in their new location in Islandia Center, near Homegrown and Island Books.  It’s a generously sized store, and they have the Holiday Shop in the front right now. When I stopped by, the place was hopping! There are so many beautiful knickknacks and holiday décor items in their shop. If you’d like to pick up a local gourmet food item, those goods are located right at the tail end of the holiday shop area.

If you are in search of a cheeky, fun gift that will make your hostess laugh out loud, Island Books is the place to check out. Owner Laurie Raisys and her knowledgeable staff welcome questions and are quick to offer helpful suggestions. Bonus – you can get your hostess gift beautifully wrapped for free!!

Other island businesses that have fabulous hostess gifts available:

  • Au Courant – so many cute items, you will buy one for your friend and one for yourself too! This is one of the island locations selling Island Treats yummy goodies.
  • Oh! Chocolate – I swear their truffles are what dreams are made of!
  • Anthophiles – pick up a sweet bouquet to gift to your hostess. Oo la la!

Is there an island business I missed that’s your go-to place when you need a gift in a hurry? Please share in the comment section!