Mercer Island Resident “Knits It Out Of The Park” For The We’ve Got You Covered Winter Drive

20161101_122119Mercer Island resident Carla Kepler has a passion for knitting. It started when her children were old enough to attend a local play group. She could keep her hands busy while she watched her children play. What began as a casual interest developed into an opportunity to enjoy her craft while sowing compassion throughout the Mercer Island community, and beyond.

It could be said that sharing the love of knitting, and encouraging compassion, are missions for Carla. She knits bears for the Mother Bear Project, which delivers them to children in emerging nations who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Carla teaches knitting lessons to the students at Islander Middle School during the Thursday lunch periods. She also leads a weekly knitting group at Mary’s Place, a local non-profit that provides shelter and services to homeless women, children and families.  Carla delights in the sense of accomplishment her students receive from learning something new, and completing projects. Her heart is hard-wired for giving and she loves to shows her empathy through the comfort of a hand-knitted item, whether she knits it herself or taught someone else how to knit it. wp_20160827_002

When Carla heard about the We’ve Got You Covered winter drive that local Windermere Real Estate offices are currently hosting for YouthCare, she was immediately compelled to participate. “These are homeless teenagers. How can you resist that?” she shared when ask about her interest in the winter drive. YouthCare is a local non-profit that provides essentials to Seattle area youth who are homeless. Carla set a personal goal of knitting 10 sets of hats/scarves (or cowls) before the end of the month-long drive.  So far she has donated 8 sets! UPDATE: Carla finished the last two sets and brought them by our office. She finished her personal goal of knitting 10 sets for the young people at YouthCare!

Carla Kepler exemplifies the compassionate spirit of Mercer Island. Residents like her make the Mercer Island community a great place to call home. She, along with other community members, have donated generously to the We’ve Got You Covered winter drive hosted here at the Windermere Mercer Island office. To date WindermereMI has received the following, in addition to Carla’s hand-knit sets:

  • Socks: 155 pairs
  • Mittens/Gloves: 64 pairs
  • Sweaters/Jackets: 3
  • Hats: 15
  • Scarves: 2

20161101_123559-1We sincerely appreciate all who have donated so far. If you would like to make a contribution to the winter drive, we’ll be accepting warm socks, hats, gloves/mittens, and scarves/cowls through end of day Monday November 14th.  Just bring them to our office in Mercer Island’s Town Center, or ask your Windermere broker if he/she could make the delivery for you.

And if you are interested in learning more about knitting, Carla and her fellow Tuesday Knitters would love for you to join them for an afternoon of knitting and coffee at the Southend Starbucks.  They meet around 12:30pm each Tuesday. If you don’t have a set of knitting needles, or any yarn, do not despair. Carla always has a knitting project with her to work on wherever she goes. If someone shows an interest in her knitting, she has an extra set of knitting needles and a ball of yarn all ready. She will teach a quick knitting lesson on the fly, and give her new acquaintance the needles and yarn to take home for practice! UPDATE: Other members of the Tuesday Knitters group also delivered handmade donations for the winter drive! Margaret crocheted 2 scarves and is working on one more. Nancy knit 3 scarves and a hat.

Tuesday Knitters, left to right: Nancy Kolton, Deborah Snapp, Laurie Lehman, Carla Kepler, Blair Destro, Amy Mason, and Chris Mason.