Seattle Region: Stormy Weather Is In Our Forecast

rain-432770_960_720 We’re in for some interesting weather the next few days around the Seattle Region, but it may not be as stormy as originally reported. At 11 am local weather guru Cliff Mass shared an updated forecast based on the infrared satellite images released earlier this morning. Click here to check out his storm update blog post for all the details. KOMONews also updated their discussion regarding the projected windy weather that may hit our region. Click here for the details KOMONews posted this morning at 8:30 am.

It still would be a good idea to secure anything outside your home that could be blown about by the wind, and make sure your flashlights are in good working order, just in case. Take time to top off your car with gas on the way home from work, and charge up your cell phone. It’s always good practice to shut off your computer at night. And with the possibility of power outages still on the table, running a back up of your computer, if it has been a while, would be worthwhile as well.

local-utility-contactsIn case you need the contact information for your local utility provider(s) over the next few days, Windermere Mercer Island has put together a handy list of Seattle Region utilities. Click here to print out the list.

We hope the wind won’t be as powerful as originally speculated, but being prepared is always helpful. Please take care as the weekend approaches, and be on the look out for any further storm updates.  The storm is being closely monitored for any changes as the weather system nears our region.

Photo Credit: sandid ♦ Pixabay