Mercer Island Rocks!

Mercer Island Rocks Yesterday, there was a fun surprise on the steps of the Windermere Building. Someone had placed this rock in an inconspicuous place, so it could be discovered and shared. When I spied the rock, it  put a smile on my face. But, when I picked up the rock and saw the delightful sail boat on the other side, finding this gem made my day.

I followed the directions on the rock and found the Facebook group Mercer Island Rocks! The mission of the group is described in the pinned post located at the top of their Facebook page, “The idea is to spread little gems of happiness around the island; to create and share creations celebrating our wonderful community. And maybe even get folks hunting for objects that don’t require an app to be seen (though we love Pokemon Go as much as the next family!).”

It turns out the idea was an inspiration from another group, Whidbey Island Rocks. The Whidbey Island group, in turn, were inspired by Port Angeles Rocks. It’s a fun activity that generates a sense of delight and goodwill out in your community. I’m excited to see which city is inspired by Mercer Island and joins the fun!

If you’d like to join the group, click here to request to join. The pinned post also includes rock painting and hiding guidelines, for those who would like to contribute. If you find rocks out in the Mercer Island community, and would like to share a photo, please join the group so you can share your discovery.

Have fun rock hunting!