Mercer Island Farmers Market: July 16, 2016

Mercer Island Farmers Market Today’s Mercer Island Farmers Market (MIFM) will include a special Senior social hour from 1:30-2:30pm, over at the Senior Connections booth. Sponsored by Covenant Shores, seniors can stop by to visit, enjoy some free refreshments and fresh treats provided by market vendors, plus listen to live music.

Live music will be provided by Beth James, an Austin based folk duo composed of singer-songwriters Jordan Burchill and former Mercer Islander, Mikaela Kahn. Their music features their own unique expression of Americana, which includes a blend of modern folk, mindful pop, and lush soundscapes.

Over at the Children’s Table, Little Red Hen needs assistance planting her wheat for the upcoming fall harvest. She needs her wheat to grow so she can bake her world-famous bread. The kids are encouraged to stop by and help Little Red Hen with her planting!

Today’s featured vendor at MIFM is Harvesting Autumn, an Omak flats farm that offers fresh produce and plant starts for purchase. You can learn more about Autumn Carroll, the resident farmer at Harvesting Autumn, as he tells his story in an interview on the MIFM home page. Click here to read Carroll’s interview.

Three Windermere Mercer Island brokers are market sponsors this year. Thank you Anni Zilz, Peni Schwartz, and Cynthia Schoonmaker for providing sponsorship support to help bring the Mercer Island Farmers Market back week after week for the 2016 season.