2016 Recycle Event Wrap Up: Record Breaking Success!

Our 2016 Recycle Event was the best one we have held, to date! This year’s coordinators, Marianne Parks and Seamus Pelan, shared that the 1 Green Planet trucks were filled to the brim, as was the shredding truck on site. Marianne said, “It was a great day to recycle! This was a recording breaking event. The shredder never stopped shredding, and we almost filled the 1 Green Planet trucks. It’s cathartic for our customers and friends get rid of unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way.

The addition of the non-profit Bike Works was successful and community members were extremely generous to Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, one of our Windermere Foundation grant partners. Seamus wrapped thing up by saying, “I think it was a great community event that a lot of people really got value from. Aside from cleaning a lot of clutter from people’s homes, there are going to be a couple dozen families who are going to get bikes and we raised almost $400 for Mercer Island’s Youth & Family Services – a great day for all involved.”

We sincerely appreciate all the members of the community who brought their recyclables and documents to be securely shredded. Thank you for utilizing the recycle event to safely, and sustainably, recycle those items that no longer work or fit your lifestyle.

We also owe a big thank you to all of the Windermere Mercer Island staff and agents who helped contribute to the success of the recycle event:

Photo credit: Erin Ewing