[INFOGRAPHIC] Hiring A Paint Contractor

We’re entering the most popular season to tackle painting the inside and exterior of our homes. If you are going to hire a contractor to do the work for you, now is the time to gather bids for the work and get onto your preferred contractor’s schedule. Not all paint bids are alike, so make sure to get 3-4 proposals before picking a company to work with. Also, pay close attention to the contractor’s communication style. How was the bid presented? Did the contractor respond to questions in a timely manner? How detailed is the proposal and any email correspondence? The way the company communicated with you during the bid process is likely how the contractor will communicate with you during the job, and with any lingering issues after the painting is completed.

Here’s a helpful infographic outlining 7 reasons why homeowners end up being unhappy with a paint contractor, and tips to help ensure the painting work you contract out will meet your expectations.

painting-contractor infographic