Get The Scoop On 5 Decor Trends To Try & 5 To Rethink

Yanic Simard, of the award winning Toronto Interior Design Group, shares 5 decor trend to try and 5 to rethink in this Houzz slideshow.

Let’s break down Simard’s do and don’t lists:

Try It – You Might Like It!

1. Patterns With Patterns
2. Brass
3. Oversized Pendants
4. Color Blocked Walls
5. Oversized Art

Maybe Call It A Day…

1. Ombre’
2. Copper
3. Colored Fixtures
4. Bidets (and Other Fancy Fixtures)
5. Message Art

I have to admit I was surprised that brass is making a return after being so overused during the 1980s and 1990s. The recommendation is to try brushed brass, which is more subtle and less orange but still a warm metal. Simard gives quite similar advice about the use of copper as he does with brass – use it sparingly and in something that is easily replaceable if you grow tired of it.

Regarding mixing patterns with patterns Simard states, “While layering patterns might feel like an emerging trend in 2016, it’s something that has always worked, and will continue to do so.” He suggests using distinctly different patterns to if you have concerns about clashing. I love, love rooms where there’s an interesting mix of patterns. What are your thoughts?

And is it just me that is seeing oversized pendant lighting everywhere? Love, love, love this trend, but I do wonder if it will get tired looking too quickly. Or do these fixtures have enough classic details to have notable staying power?

Is there a trend in the list to rethink that you totally adore? Or do you agree with Simard’s take on these interior design looks? Please share your opinions in the comment section – I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on these looks for the home.