Windermere Real Estate Eastside Kick Off For 2016

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Windermere Mercer Island *brokers recently joined their peers from all the Windermere Eastside offices to prep for 2016. Five knowledgeable and dynamic speakers took the stage to inform us about the economic conditions of our region, update us on recent changes to real estate law, and inspire us to be the best brokers we can be (while having fun along the way!).

Economic Update – Windermere Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, and Skylar Olson, from Zillow, discussed the economic outlook for our region. And it looks pretty darn good. They started off tackling talk of a housing bubble – no to any bubbles nationally, or locally, at this time. Home values in the Puget Sound Region will continue to grow, but are projected to increase at a slower pace than 2015. The employment outlook for our area is decent, although Matthew Gardner mentioned the need for job diversification within the Seattle area. Wage discrepancy could become more of an issue and affect a buyer’s ability to make a home purchase. Interest rate increases will be modest during 2016 and Mr. Gardner indicated that local income growth should be able to absorb any increases this year. It is a good time to buy now, especially with our expensive rental market. In fact, Skylar Olson pointed out that right now Seattle buyers only need to stay in the home for 2 years for the purchase to make the purchase a solid financial choice. But saving for that down-payment is a struggle for renting millennials. And our increasing rents here are being driven by our local economy’s wage growth, so moving from renting to buying is definitely a process to contend with.

Legal Update – Lars Neste, of Demco Law Firm, and Justin Hagg, from the NWMLS, covered recent changes to real estate law, went into more details about transaction forms that often generate questions, and touched on the subject of rental caps in condo communities. They helped us gather necessary information to better serve you during your transactions.

Keynote Speaker – Author Ron Culberson kept us in stitches as he illustrated Do It Well, Do It Fun as a noteworthy business practice to reduce stress and avoid burn out. We learned valuable stress management skills, how important empathy is to effective communication, and to examine what drains you to see how you can change your processes to be more productive without sacrificing balance in your life. Mr. Culberson also shared that there is power behind telling a story. Effectively telling a story is something we strive to do because our clients’ stories become entwined with our stories as we build a relationship together. Check out #YourStoryIsOurStory for more details.

We’re so appreciative of all the broker support we receive from Windermere Real Estate, so we can better serve you with the most important transaction you will ever make – the buying or selling of your home. We’re excited for the opportunities ahead during 2016!


*Windermere Mercer Island brokers who attended the 2016 Windermere Eastside Kick Off Event: Julie Barrows, Jay Agoado, Lara Baca, Ina Bahner, Melissa Boucher, Lis Brown, Kathryn Buchanan, Wendy Chan, Denise Coe, Nicole Demers-Changelo, Chad Dierickx, Lisa Dong, Erin Ewing, Tom Fine, Fred Fox, Andrew Jackson, Jake Kanev, Cherrie Lee, Kathryn Lerner, Jane Malone, Dan Marinello, Doug McKiernan, Marianne Parks, Molly Neary, Emily Roberts, Seamus Pelan, Brian Rosso, Bonnie Sanborn, Peni Schwartz, Peni Schwartz, Alejandro Vega, Kelly Weisfield, Julie Wilson, Anni Zilz