Houzz Slideshow: 5 Ways to Jump-Start a Whole-House Decluttering Effort

Post holiday season is a good time to gear up for the New Year. It’s time to put away decorations and the gifts you received before the hustle bustle of 2016 moves in.

But are you having a tough time finding a spot to fit everything? Taking some baby steps toward decluttering around the house will make this process easier. Author Laura Gaskill shares in her Houzz slideshow 5 ways to jump-start your decluttering. Each of the 5 suggestions includes three sections: the task itself, a how-to directive and next step option.

She cautions the reader to not wait until you have time to conduct a massive week-long purge. Making room in your busy schedule to take care of these tasks en masse is a feat by itself. A series of small steps to reach your goal of less clutter around the house will reduce stress, and produce results quicker.

Have you ever tried any of Gaskill’s suggested how-tos? Is there a decluttering method you have had good success with? Please share in the comment section. We’d love to hear what works for you and learn from your success.