Infographic: Go-To Tools For Real Estate Agents

I recently asked the brokers from Windermere Mercer Island what were the 5 go-to items they keep in their car that come in handy when they are working with their clients. I prefaced my inquiry with a request — their responses needed to be those “must never leave home without them” things that make them look like rockstars during a long day of showing, or when they are getting a listing ready to photograph, or have saved the day at an open house.

The responses fell into interesting categories: the tools (actual tools, like multi-tools, screw drivers, hammers), the clean team ( hand sanitizers, wet wipes, towels), keep the energy going (snacks and beverages), into every life some rain must fall (umbrellas and sensible shoes)… well, you get the idea. While iPads, smart phones and chargers were incredibly important components on a good number of “rockstar” lists, just as many included old school paper, pens and pencils. First aid items like band aids, and small first aid kits, make it into the cars of a good number of our brokers. The first aid kit of our broker who has also been a nurse is notably comprehensive. One broker replied that he has his “Plan A” group of go-to items, and a “Plan B” group, just in case it’s an extra long day out in the field.

Below is a handy infographic highlighting the top 6 tools-of-the-trade WindermereMI brokers keep in their cars all the time, along with the most unusual items they carry along.

I’d love to hear from other real estate brokers, as well. What do you carry in your car kit that helps you present the best impression to your clients? Please share in the comment section.
Tools Of The Trade

Thank you to all the brokers who helped me create this blog post:
Andrea Iverson, Robyn Kimura Hsu, Kathryn Lerner, Kelly Weisfield, Anni Zilz, Erin Ewing, Sandy Yin, Tom Fine, Seamus Pelan, Paul Tiscornia, Nancy LaVallee, Lara Baca, Marianne Parks, Terry Donovan, Kathryn Buchanan, Lis Brown, Rachel Schindler, Chadd Dierickx, Julie Wilson, Cherrie Lee, Andrew Jackson, Denise Coe, Nicole Demers-Changelo, Brian Rosso, Bonnie Sanborn