Mercer Island Bike Drive: 12 to 3pm on December 6, 2015

Bike Drive 2015 Poster_editedDo you happen to have a bike or two that you don’t use anymore taking up space in your garage? Windermere Mercer Island and Bike Works are here to help. Together we can ensure those bikes can be given a new life, and support an incredible local community program at the same time!

On December 6th, from 12-3pm, you can bring your bicycles, bike parts and bike accessories to Windermere Mercer Island’s office at 2737 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island and the folks from Bike Works will do the rest. The most needed items are bikes in good condition, including 20″ wheel BMX style bikes, 24″ & 26″ wheel mountain bikes, and road bikes of any size (the smaller sized ones would be especially awesome!!).

What will happen with these donations, besides creating more space in your garage? Bike Works uses, or recycles, all the bikes and parts collected at donation drives just like the one we’ll be hosting. Every year, Bike Works collects 4000+ bicycles that they refurbish or recycle. Bikes in good condition will be repaired and tuned up in the programs the non-profit offers, and then make their way back into our local community. Parts are harvested from the unusable bikes. Left over pieces are then recycled, or upcycled, through partnerships with businesses and donations to artists. To date, Bike Works has diverted approximately 120,000 lbs. of bikes and bike parts from local landfills.

If you don’t know much about Bike Works’ mission, please take a minute to view the video below. They are a non-profit offering an amazing array of classes and programs as part of their mission to build sustainable communities through youth education and promoting bicycling. They provide people of all ages opportunities to learn new skills, develop leadership qualities, give back to the Seattle area community and share the love for riding bikes with others who are in need of a bicycle.

Their youth programs include Earn-a-Bike After School Classes, where participants spend 8 weeks learning bike repair skills by working on bicycles that are then given back to the community. After completing the requisite amount of community service hours, kids who take part in the Earn-a-Bike program can pick a bike to refurbish for themselves. Youth can also participate in summer camps conducted by Bike Works – bikes and other equipment for camps are all provided by Bike Works. UGottaGetABike and Kids Bike-O-Rama are two of their programs that match up low-income kids with bikes and helmets (often from bikes refurbished by Earn-A-Bike kids!). The Street Burners Club is available for kids who graduate from Earn-A-Bike and Summer Camps, meeting on a regular basis for bike rides. Those kids who have not racked up enough community service hours yet to put together their own bikes can still participate in Street Burners Club using bikes provided by Bike Works.

Adults can participate in a plethora of repair classes. They can also join in the twice-a-week Volunteer Repair Parties (VRP). At VRP, participants repair and tune up bikes that will be distributed through Bike Works’ community shop or twice yearly Kids Bike-O-Rama. Adult volunteers complete many much-needed tasks to keep the non-profit going, including being staff at donation events like we’ll be hosting December 6th. If you are age 18 or over, and in need of bicycle transportation, you can apply for Bikes-For-All which pairs low-income adults with a commuter bike outfitted with lights, and provides a bike lock plus a helmet. Bikes-For-All also equips each person who receives a bike with important, quality safety information.

Bike Works runs a bike shop where you can purchase quality used bikes at affordable prices, along with used and new bike parts and accessories. The money generated from bike shop sales is used to fund all their wonderful programs.

We look forward to seeing you at our Mercer Island Bike Drive on December 6th! But if for some reason you can’t make it, but would like to still donate a bike, click here to see where else you can drop off your Bike Works donation around Seattle and the Eastside.

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