Mercer Island Farmers Market: Sunday, June 21st

iStock_000005940727_LargeFor the Father’s Day Market Day, MIFM will be hosting a Garden Days tasting event! Live music will be provided by The Archtops, featuring Swinging Jazz, Blues, and Motown classics. At the Children’s Table with Judy kids can partake in the Tater Tots activity. They will plant their own potatoes and be able to watch what happens when you put a potato in the ground. Master Gardeners will also be on hand to answer all your garden and plant questions.

Click here for the vendor list for the 2015 market season. The vendor webpage includes a link to an excel spread sheet that shows the vendor schedule this year. Vendors will be selling fresh foods from the farm, field or sea; artisan foods; ready to eat foods. I’m getting hungry thinking about all the amazingly fresh ingredients and snacks there will be to sample!

Windermere Mercer Island is so honored to be one of the sponsors for the 2015 market season.