The Weekly Economic & Real Estate Forecast – 04/27/15 to 05/01/15

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What I Saw Last Week

Washington State released its County level data on employment and the figures were encouraging. County level data is not seasonally adjusted and is, therefore, subject to some violent swings but, on the whole, the numbers were good with King County adding 9,300 jobs in March, Snohomish County adding 800 jobs and Pierce County expanding by 1,500 jobs. Year-over year, King County has added 48,500 new jobs (+3.9%), Snohomish County has added 5,700 new jobs (+2.1%) and Pierce County has added 8,100 jobs.

WA Employment

Unemployment in the region continues to contract with the rate in King County down to 4.1% (from 4.8% in February). In Snohomish County the rate was measured at 4.5% (down from 5.3% seen a month earlier) and in Pierce County the rate dropped from 7.6% to 6.5%.

WA Unemployment

The employment growth rate in King County remains impressive and broad-based. Although Snohomish County’s largest employment…

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