Home Decor Inspiration: The Pantone Hotel

iStock_Samples-1024x856As the winter grey closes in, I’ve found myself searching for some inspiration to bring some light and a little brightness back in to my home. In Brussels, the Pantone Hotel just opened, with each room serving as a crisp white canvas to showcase pops of saturated Pantone shades. Designed by Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, the colors range from “bright to subdued” to suit any guests. With this new, out-of-the-box hotel in mind, I’ve thought of a few ways to bring color into your home this winter to fight off the gloom.

1. Blankets and Pillows- Find a few small pieces to add to existing neutral colors in your home, but don’t go overboard. If there’s one color that you feel really good about, go with that.

2. Painted Canvas- Grab the kids or a group of friends and head to the craft store! Some of my favorite pieces of art came from smearing metallic and bright paint across a white canvas… have fun with it

3. Accent Wall- For a bigger change, visit the hardware store and pick a lively new color and paint one wall in your home as an accent wall. Pale Yellow or Mediterranean Blue are popular choices.

4. Dishware- Purchase new juice glasses, mugs, plates, whatever could use an upgrade and will brighten your day. It’s also fun to go to a local paint-your-own pottery studio and create your own!

Have fun with it!