Interior Trends: What’s Next

New trends in home interiors are already starting to emerge for the coming new year! Classics from previous years are still keeping up, but marbleized fabrics and deco touches are just a couple of the themes that are coming into the arena in the new season. Check them out!

1. Marbleized Art and Fabrics- Beautiful pieces, both furniture and visual art, with marbleized finishes are popping up in a variety of colors.

2. Art Deco Inspiration- Deco inspired rooms and individual pieces are gorgeous in moderation. Focus on a single element to blend it into existing furniture and color in your home.

3. Natural Materials- My personal favorite trend for this year is integrating natural elements into the home, such as rough woods, delicate succulent displays and raw fibers. Unique applications of house plants and moss on walls and steps are great ways to start.

4. Blue is the New Black- Hues of Navy Blue and dark Slate Grey were always present before, but are now more popular and available.