Mercer Island Farmer’s Market, Sunday June 22nd

market-basket-for-home-pageAnother week has flown by, and that means another MI Farmer’s Market Sunday! The sun is starting to peek through, so it’s a perfect day to check out all the new, and veteran, vendors. This weekend is also the second to last in the Garden Days series, featuring outdoor decor, mosaics, and other goodies for your outdoor space. The music will be by Joe Ross, and the kids table has a Tater Tots theme. Right now many of your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, including strawberries, cherries, raspberries, snap peas, asparagus and carrots.

Be on the look out for a few of my favorite vendors: Kiss My Grits and Mystery Bay Seafood. They both sell ready to eat dishes, no preparation required. Kiss My Grits is a southern comfort food truck with grits and cornbread galore. Mystery Bay Seafood is renowned for their oysters, so check them out too! Happy Sunday, everyone!