Why Aren’t There More New Homes For Sale?

Interesting New Construction Home Discussion by Matthew Gardner. What are your thoughts on the statistics Mr. Gardner shares in his blog post?

The Windermere Economist

I was recently discussing the U.S. housing market with a national builder client who, even as the public appears to be regaining confidence in home ownership and the housing market, was remarkably wary.

After our meeting, I decided to take a look at numbers in order to try and gauge why this was the case and I thought that the results were worthy of further discussion.

As many will know, the Census Bureau releases data on new home starts and sales every month and these are data sets which I eagerly wait for.  However, we cannot directly compare single family housing starts to new home sales. Why? Well, the data regarding starts of single family homes includes owner built units and units built for rent which are, obviously, not included in the new home sales report.

That said, it is possible to compare single family starts “built for sale” to…

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