2014 Resolutions: Home Edition

House2014 is here, and along with it endless lists of resolutions in every category. We’ve compiled a handful of new year’s resolutions for your home that are simple enough for you to stick to. Here you go, and Happy New Year to all!

1. De-clutter Room by Room: After the holiday season, and throughout the year, the clutter tends to build up. Detox and streamline your spaces by eliminating everything that is unneeded or dated. Only keep what makes you happy. Your home will feel fresh and brighter than when you started.

2. Weather Strip Windows and Doors: Cut energy costs and keep your home warmer by installing weather stripping on windows and doors. No winter drafts, no inflated heating bills.

3. Re-Paint at Least One Room: Pick a bold new hue or a zen-like neutral and re-paint one room in your home. This is a great inexpensive update that will makeover the feel of an entire room.

4. Create a System to Keep Your House Clean: Dishes get put in the dishwasher every night, clothes get hung up or put in the hamper. Return everything to their assigned place. Enlist family members to help clean by dividing up duties, and set aside time on a certain day to get all the chores done for the week.

5. Test and Install Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, and CO2 Detectors: Make sure all equipment is up to date and usable. Inform family members of their locations and emergency procedures just in case.

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