Windermere Senior Transitions

Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island brokers Julie Barrows, Van Anderson and Denise Coe recently attended the inaugural breakfast for the Windermere Senior Transitions program. They were kind enough to share their notes about this exciting new service available to Windermere clients aged 60 years and older.

Did you know there are now more people over the age of 65 than there are teenagers, and this demographic is going to continue to grow. Over the next 25 years, the senior demographic will be increasing by 80% as baby boomers reach retirement age. To be of service to this growing population, Windermere developed Windermere Senior Transitions to meet the unique real estate needs— and help navigate the life style changes— seniors face as they age.

Windermere brokers who become Senior Transitions associates have a proven track record of successfully helping clients aged 60+; they either are Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) or are in the process of earning the SRES designation. These associates will also be participating in on-going educational opportunities, and networking meetings, to be up-to-date on all the services available for their older clients. As their clients’ lifestyles must adapt to their mobility and health needs, Windermere Senior Transition associates will have the knowledge, and professional base, to help their clients make decisions on where to live, how much assistance may be required and what the costs will be.

In addition to traditional real estate services like advising how to prepare the home for sale, establishing a fair market price for the home and staging it for sale, Windermere Senior Transitions associates will be prepared to help their clients with following things:

  • Assistance with downsizing
  • Contracting household moving services
  • Securing help with packing and unpacking
  • Finding reliable home repair vendors
  • Locating antique appraisers
  • Assistance in finding quality legal services, healthcare services and financial planning services

Deciding to sell the family home is an emotionally challenging decision. Also, finances can be difficult to navigate for those over the age of 60. If you, or a family member, would like to speak with real estate professional about transitioning to a new home that better fits your current lifestyle, seven Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island brokers have completed the education training to earn the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. They are Denise Coe, Ina Bahner, Jay Agoado, Julie Barrows, Peni Schwartz, Valarie Kaye and Van Anderson..

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  1. Congratulations to Julie Barrows, Van Anderson and Denise Coe for their early involvement in Windermere Transitions, whose goal is to deliver expert services to 60+ clients with respect, empathy, compassion and transparency.

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