Mercer Island Farmer’s Market: What’s Happening Sunday 6/24

The Mercer Island Farmers Market (MIFM)* season is now in full swing. On Thursdays, stop by Mercer Island Pulse to see what’s coming up for Sunday’s MIFM.

On June 24th, the theme of MIFM is Summer Fun! Chef Kurt Dammeier and Food Revolution will be the featured special guests of this market day. On their calendar, it states that Miles & Karina, with their Stylish Swing sound, will be performing. On their music line-up, it says that Zach Hartman Trio, a jazz group, will also be playing at the market.

Stop by to have some Summer Fun, pick up some good local eats and enjoy the music!

*MIFM is located at Mercerdale Park.

One thought on “Mercer Island Farmer’s Market: What’s Happening Sunday 6/24

  1. Hello from MI Farmers Market, There was a change in the music line-up and the Zach Hartmann Trio is playing today. Thanks for letting us know about the glitch which has been fixed. Hope to see you at the market today. We’ve asked the rain to hold off until we close :-).

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