Technology is Booming, but Personal Relationships Add the Dazzle!

Last week, Zillow® released its first quarter results for 2012. The financials in the report are amazing, but what caught my eye are the incredible leaps in mobile usage. Take a look at this quote from the Zillow® press release,

“Zillow® usage on mobile devices continues to accelerate substantially. For the first time, more homes each month are now viewed via Zillow® on a mobile device than on the Web. In March 2012, 155 million homes were viewed on Zillow® Mobile, or 57 homes per second. By comparison, in March 2011, 44 million homes were viewed on Zillow® Mobile at a rate of 16 homes per second.”

Wow– 57 home views per second on Zillow® Mobile! That’s outstanding; not only in terms of the continued shift to mobile device usage as a preferred tech platform, but it speaks volumes about the increased interest in the current real estate market. Pair that with the recent press, including the Wall Street Journal, about sellers finding themselves faced with multiple offers
— well, it’s wonderful to see such positive real estate news reaching consumers!

The Zillow® press release goes on to shares more information about their increasing initiatives in the mobile device arena. In February 2012, Zillow® Mortgage Marketplace App for Android™ was released. In April, their first rental market app was released. It’s called Zillow® Rentals for Android™, and the app gives users access to Rent Zestimate® along with other nifty tools to make it easier for renters to locate and compare rentals. From the press release,

“Zillow® Mobile operates the most popular suite of mobile real estate applications, with 10 separate apps across every major platform: Android (smartphones and tablets), Kindle Fire, RIM (BlackBerry®), iOS (iPad® and iPhone®) and Windows Phone 7®”

The Neighborly News Spring Perspectives topic happens to be technology. And as we can see from the stats quoted above, technology ( especially mobile devices) is definitely experiencing continued growth. And Windermere  recognizes the importance of technology, and how our clients use it every day.  The reality of the situation with technology, however, is that it reports statistics and data which is historical. It is usually recent history, but it is still in the past. Windermere agents know what’s going on their local marketplaces in real-time. And with the case of multiple offers being a market trend, and one agents in our office have been experiencing, relying solely on the recent history of technology equates missed opportunities.  By the time data reaches the daylight of technology, the dazzling work of relationships has commenced. Truly, that personal relationship factor is key– being well versed in how to handle the situation at hand; having good relationships with industry peers; knowing the heart beat of each price point; understanding how quickly homes are going pending; and preparing clients, who are entrusting their transaction with you, how to handle all of these aspects of the current local market.  Pair these key relationship and professional skills with today’s most advanced technology tools, like the Zillow Suite— positive outcomes do follow!

One of the most important aspects I see working for Windermere is how the company understands that technology, with all of the useful information and functions it offers, has to be married to the importance of personal relationships to ensure success. Establishing, and maintaining, trusted relationships with our clients is the most important aspect of our work in real estate. I’d like to leave you with the following thought from the Spring Perspective about personal relationships,

“It’s the lifeblood of the real estate business and why clients entrust their agents with what is one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make.”

We thank you for your relationship with us, and your continued trust. We sincerely appreciate it!