Football, Food and a Little Dough: Check Out the Numbers

Super Bowl 46, featuring the Patriots versus the Giants, will heat up Indianapolis in just 12 days. While football fans are debating the odds of the game, companies are gearing up for a surefire win on game day through their eagerly anticipated ads and Super Bowl Sunday deals.

Having some sort of connection to the Super Bowl, through special deals and bowl ads, nets quite a bit of revenue for companies. Papa John’s is offering their rewards members a free 1 topping pizza if the correct Superbowl coin toss result receives the most votes their website prior to game day. By offering a free product in a contest manner, with a connection to one of the most popular events of the year, Papa John’s is betting they will clear more revenue in future sales than they will spend on their Super Bowl offer. And chances are good that their bet will pay off. Take a look at how much companies spend on Super Bowl ads: the total ad revenue for 2010 was $205.2 million, at $2.9 million per 30 second ad. For the 2012 game, a 30 second spot costs $3.5 million. This money is spent knowing that in today’s electronic age some of the Super Bowl commercials are leaked about two weeks before game day (and 57% of Americans take note of this trend!). And that’s okay, because those same bowl game ads live on after the Super Bowl, thanks to the same digital era tools. The infographic Super Bowl a& the Digital Water Cooler details how 48 million Americans plan to re-watch Super Bowl ads after the game and 40 million Americans plan on sharing their favorite game day ads online.

In addition to the anticipated revenue from game day advertising, food and beverage companies bank on bringing in some major bank on Super Bowl Sunday because football fans love their tailgate fare. According to the infographic below, the average amount of money spent last year for the big game was $59.33 per viewer, for a total of $10.1 billion — and a good chuck of that change was for food and drinks! Chipotle is hoping to share in this game day party food revenue by offering 1/2 off an order of a burrito box (which contains 6 or more burritos) for orders called in on the February 5th game day.

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Now it’s your turn— are you going to spend some of your hard earned dough for game day noshing? What are your thoughts on the amount of money spent by Americans for Super Bowl Sunday?