Let’s Celebrate Windermere’s 40th Anniversary!

Back in 1972, Windermere opened its first office. Real estate was a different animal back in the early ’70s. Think about it— no email or fax, no internet, no digital photography. While the tools of the trade have drastically changed, the foundations which the Windermere company were founded upon are untouched by age. Today’s Windermere agents have a steadfast commitment to their clients and their communities, just like the agents who worked out of that first Windermere office.

In less that 2 weeks, Windermere agents from across the western United States will gather in Seattle for Windermere Symposium. During this annual event, agents will learn about new products and services to help them better serve their clients. They’ll network with their peers while discussing today’s important real estate topics and sharing ideas. During the Symposium, Windermere agents will also help kick off the company’s 40th Anniversary celebration in style!

While reminiscing about the past 40 years, some interesting statistics caught our eye.

Even though purchase & sale agreements contain more pages and Windermere now has 300 offices, that same 1972 business ethos, centered on community and mutual respect, remains the Windermere cornerstone. It remains central, even over the years, because it helps us every day to give you, our clients, the best service possible.