Historical Mortgage Interest Rate Chart

Many recent visitors to Mercer Island Pulse have navigated here because they are looking for information regarding mortgage interest rates.

We really appreciate your visits and hope you find much value in the information you read at Mercer Island Pulse. Here is some more data regarding mortgage interest rates. Above is a chart showing Q3 results for fixed, 30-year mortgage interest rates since 1981, courtesy of Amanda Winn* at Windermere Mortgage Services. It’s amazing to see the reduction of the interest rate over the last year, and compare it to previous decades. Click on the image to bring up a larger version of the chart, which is easy to read.

Freddie Mac also has charts for each year, each broken into months, showing what was the fixed, 30-year mortgage rate for each month since 1971. The charts also display an annual average for each year.

*Amanda Winn, awinn@windermere.com, 425.273.1212