Community Service Day 2011: Windermere R.E / Mercer Island Helped Over at Mercerdale Park

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Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island’s Community Service Day 2011, on Friday, June 17th, was a terrific success! The weather cooperated while realtors and brokers, along with their family and friends, helped weed and prune in flower beds, readied plants for transplating, swept, limbed trees and spread bark. Mercerdale Park is looking terrific for the upcoming Summer Celebration, Renaissance Revelry.

Thank you so much to everyone, including Windermere Mercer Island realtors and brokers*, who helped clean up the park on Friday. A special thank you goes out to Michelle Rubin, who coordinated our Community Service Day this year and set everything up with the city of Mercer Island.

* Agents who helped out with CSD 2011
Julie Nugent
Allen Hovsepian
Cherrie Lee
Wendy Chan
Cynthia Schoonmaker
Denise Coe
Erin Ewing (photos courtesy of Erin)
Linus Toy
Marianne Parks
Michael Lee
Michelle Rubin
Pam Boeck
Peni Schwartz
Stuart Anderson
Valarie Kaye (photos courtesy of Valarie)

For a list of the NW Windermere R.E. offices that participated in Community Service Day 2011, and where they served their communities at, take a moment to read this post on Neighborly News.