April is Disaster Preparedness Month: How Would You Handle an Emergency Situation?

MP900178040With the recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, the torrential flooding in Australia and the severe winter storms areas of the U.S. encountered, emergency preparedness is a hot topic of discussion.  To help facilitate preparedness discussion and action, April is Disaster Preparedness Month. There’s a wealth of resources published online to help people prepare for an emergency. How prepared are you to handle an emergency situation, like an earthquake? Could you be self-reliant for 3 day? How about 7 days?

The city of Mercer Island recommends that island residents and businesses be prepared to be self-sufficient for 7 days. Mercer Island relies on the I-90 floating bridge for off-island access, and it could sustain damage in a natural disaster like an earthquake. In addition, the city has a limited amount of employees who live on Mercer Island, and only 11 public safety employees who work after hours. If you  haven’t done much to plan for an emergency, this month is a terrific time to start.

At Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island, we’ve begun assessing our ability to handle an emergency. We are starting out by reading the Sound Shake Earthquake Guide for Businesses located on the King County Business Preparedness Website. The Sound Shake Earthquake Guide gives scenarios, questions to discuss and places to take notes regarding what action steps we need to take. I’ll blog about the our progress through-out the month, and share resources we’ve discovered along the way.

To start out, here are some  Mercer Island-specific emergency preparedness resources: