Super Bowl Sunday: Factoids, Food and Furnishings

Sunday, Feb. 6th, let the Steelers-vs-Packers Superbowl festivities commence! Always a highly anticipated event, the game draws scores of people to Superbowl parties. At the very least, people tend to gather around the television at home to view the exciting football action, ingenious ads and half time entertainment.

Superbowl XLIV, which was televised Feb. 7th, 2010, was the most viewed program in U.S. history, drawing 106.5 million viewers. Chances are good that Sunday’s game, Superbowl XLV, will also be a highly viewed program. Eight of the top ten most viewed program for 2010 just happened to be football games. The chances are good Superbowl XLV will be tuned in on millions of tvs throughout the nation. put together an infograph for Superbowl XLV with stats compiled by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association. To summarize the data on the infograph — the average amount a consumer is anticipated to spend for Superbowl purchases this year is $59.11. That translates into roughly $10.1 billion dollars!

Most of the Superbowl spending will be on food and beverages. Are you going to be putting together some nibbles for game day? Gather some inspiration from Epicurious’ Party Planner webpage offering Game Day Recipes. Need more inspiration? Check out Elle’s New England Kitchen for Superbowl Party Food recipes. The avocado chimichurri bruschetta caught my eye!

In the weeks before the Superbowl, television sales tend to go up. It’s estimated that 4.5% of US adults purchased a tv in 2011 for the Superbowl. It would be interesting to see data regarding Man Cave creation in future Superbowl surveys. Probably a good percentage of the purchased tvs ended up in Caves. Zillow put together a blog post featuring ten amazing Man Caves primed for Sunday’s Superbowl game. If you have been contemplating a Man Cave for your home, definitely check out the Zillow blog post for inspiration.

If you find some recipes for party snacks from the links in this post, please use the comment section to share how you liked the recipes.  Enjoy the game on Sunday!