Windermere Foundation

The Windermere Foundation, created by Windermere Real Estate, provides assistance to low income and homeless families through out the West. This non-profit foundation was established in 1989, and originally served families in Washington state communities. Since it’s inception, Windermere Foundation has grown to help families in 10 states.

Every time a Windermere agent sells a home, a portion of the commission is applied toward the Windermere Foundation. These agent contributions, along with contributions by Windermere employees and public supporters, go a long way to help people in need. To date, over $21 million has been raised, which helped provide financial assistance for programs and organizations that provide shelter, clothing, children’s programs, emergency assistance and other services to low income and homeless families.

In 2010 $1,279,350.00 was raised for the Windermere Foundation ! This is a 7% increase, compared to 2009 contributions. Christine Wood recently shared the stories of a few families, referred by social workers from Children’s Hospital, who received help from Windermere Foundation during 2010

Are you a fan of glassbaby candle holders? The next time you purchase one please consider entering in the promotional code “Windermere” at check out.  10% of your purchase would then be donated to the Windermere Foundation.  

If you would like to learn more about the Windermere Foundation, please take a moment to view the Windermere Foundation Youtube Video. The Foundation also has its own Youtube Channel , which shares videos about specific projects being implemented through out the West.

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