Brighten Up Your Fall Days With Some Garden Color: Ornamental Grasses sensational  way  to add fall color to your garden is to plant some ornamental grasses. Master gardener Joe Lamp’l wrote in his article In Fall, Ornamental Grasses are in their Glory, “In fall, ornamental grasses are in their glory as they turn shades of gold, bronze and ruby… Consider adding a few of these underappreciated plants to your yard. They’re easy to grow, attractive, versatile and beneficial to wildlife.” Ornamental grasses not only offer punches of dynamic color on crisp fall days, their texture and growing habits add visual interest to a planting. They aren’t picky— they can be planted in your garden space or in patio containers.

A majority of ornamental grasses are deer-resistant, as they can withstand the occasional nibble from local deer. The grasses also provide habitat and seeds for birds. Another bonus from planting ornamental grasses is slope stability and the enriching of soil conditions from the plants’ deep root systems.

For most people, the best reason to grow ornamental grasses is their beauty. ~ Joe Lamp’l

If your garden spaces or containers could use a fall makeover, consider planting a few versatile ornamental grasses. Their tendency to remain pleasant looking throughout the winter months make them fall garden champions! shares suggestions for 3 different fall container gardens to display on your patio.

Photo Courtesy of Kaye