Reverse 911 for Mercer Island Residents

Is your main home phone a cell phone or Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP)? If so, you must register your phone number with the city if you’d like to be part of the Mercer Island Reverse 911 system.

You can register your phone number online or by calling (425) 577-5700. If you call to register your phone, you will need to leave a message that includes your phone number(s), name, your address (including zip code), email address (if applicable) and what type(s) of phone(s) you are registering.

Here’s the definition for a Reverse 911 system from the City of Mercer Island website:

“Reverse 911” is a communication tool that utilizes a database of telephone numbers and addresses, which are associated with GIS Mapping technologies to deliver emergency notifications to the community via telephone.

The type of emergencies which prompt Reverse 911 notifications are situations like contaminated water, city flooding, evacuations, major road closures, severe weather and a major crime in progress.

If your home telephone is a landline, your phone number is already part of the Reverse 911 system for the city of Mercer Island.